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Any technical information that you provide to Appdupe with respect to support services can be used by Appdupe for business purposes without restriction, including for product support and development. Appdupe will not use such technical information in any manner that can personally identify you.

How Easy Is It To Setup A Business With Your Products?

What do you need? – An idea, The product that captures the idea and some business stuff to launch it. We are pulling your weight with the product, you have the idea to use it specifically for a target. Besides, We’ll plug you in with the necessary tools like free hosting, chat tools, help desk software and the host of other precious stuff worth over $20000 to sweeten your life. Just launch the damn thing and watch your networth, Will ya?! 🙂

What About Customization?

We know where you come from.. It's never enough for you entrepreneurs! Yes!, tell us what needs changed in the standard product and show us the way and we’ll walk it for you.